Innovation in Automation is more than a tag line at GWI Engineering. It is the foundational
Process we have developed over 60 years to help us deliver an automation solution
that exceeds most customers’ expectations. Follow the 7 Steps detailed below to learn
how GWI can solve your toughest challenges.



The process begins with a conversation about your current situation, the issues being faced, and ultimately, your end goal. As we listen, discover, and understand your concerns, we will discuss possible solutions to the pain points of your process. Whether it’s a new machine, increased production volumes, improved quality, or a combination of the three, we can create and provide a custom solution for your business.



Once we thoroughly consider your requirements, we begin to identify and quantify the bottlenecks. Through a detailed investigation, our engineers gain a full understanding of the situation and can determine appropriate solutions. Whether it is a commercially available technology or an internally designed and manufactured solution, GWI can find the solution that is right for you.



This is where GWI Engineering stands apart from the crowd. Our team will brainstorm various ideas drawing from a collective body of knowledge and experiences. GWI will conceive and create a 3D animated model which can be tried and tested as a viable solution that will work within the constraints of your budget.



Upon your Approval of our concept, our mechanical and controls engineers will design your machine (with your Spec in mind of course). GWI uses the latest version of Autodesk Inventor to design a 3-D model of your machine, but if you prefer Solidworks or some other platform, we can handle that too.



Building your equipment uses the full resources of our manufacturing facility. Whether it’s machining the smallest detail, fabricating & welding the largest machine base or assembling all of the manufactured and purchased components, our people do it all. Schedule a tour or simply watch some of the videos on our Resource page……..



We’re almost there, and these are exciting times. You get to watch your equipment come to life as we demonstrate the machine by putting it through the rigors of producing your parts. This is where we get to find the unexpected (like the hole that’s missing in your part or the bracket in the wrong location). It’s OK, we understand that it’s not a perfect world. We will adjust accordingly and give you a workable solution in a timely fashion.



Some of our machines are Plug and Play (the StrongARM for example), others not so much. Not to worry, we have the people and resources to help you get your automation up to speed in a timely fashion. Whether your machines are shipping across an ocean or just across Michigan, GWI Engineering is here to help the start-up process go smoothly.