StrongARM – Automatic Rivet Machine
This machine was developed for the commercial truck brake shoe relining industry. The previous Industry standard machine could only upset 2 rivets per cycle, with an operator responsible for accurately re-positioning the shoe for each successive row. This was very labor intensive and dangerous. Also, change overs between various rivet spacing’s were time consuming. Our machine changes over in seconds, automatically at the touch of a button. 

The StrongARM machine is a fully programmable servo-driven machine that automatically feeds and upsets 4 rivets per row, indexes and repeats. Subsequently, the machine operates at approx. 1/2 the cycle time and produces a superior assembly. In fact, 1 operator can actually operate 2 machines since finished parts are auto-unloaded out the back of the machine.


They say “Necessity is the mother of invention”. When we couldn’t find an acceptable manifold that error-proofed the piping process, GWI decided to engineer our own solution. The result proved to be so elegant our customers suggested that we make them available to their other machine builders. If you’ve been searching for the best aluminum Manifolds available you’ve come to the right place!


Transguns combine the key elements of a transformer and a weld gun. The challenge that transguns often face is they must have the ability work around complex part geometries or in unique weld positions. GWI has the experience and expertise to custom design transguns that satisfy the demands of your most challenging spot weld requirements. This is especially important when incorporating one gun for multiple part geometries.