Innovation in Automation

Creating new ideas, inventing new devices, and developing new methods are the building blocks of our innovation. Innovation is the DNA of GWI Engineering, and is at the core of our business. It is conceptualized in project management, becomes a sculpted art form in engineering, and is implemented by every skilled trade on our build floor.

About GWI Engineering

Originally founded in 1955 as General Welders of Michigan Inc, numerous changes and advancements have occurred at our 1411 Michigan Street headquarters. Now known as GWI Engineering, we are experts in our field and are known for applying our technical expertise to solve complex manufacturing challenges for a variety of industries. Simply put: Innovation in Automation

OEM Solutions

What happens when you imagine how technologies that didn’t exist five or even 3 years ago could be applied to processes that haven’t changed in decades? In some instances, we are able to achieve results that were previously considered unattainable. Early Adopters of our revolutionary StrongARM Automatic Rivet Machine have seen significant gains in productivity and exceptional quality that differentiates them from their competition! If you are looking for that next competitive advantage, why not start the conversation with a simple phone call, email, or text today? Better yet, let’s collaborate around the same table and start the process together as partners. The more comprehensively we understand your challenges and bottlenecks, the better our Innovation in Automation procedure works to deliver unique and customized solutions.