Custom Automation

We work closely with our customers to understand their challenges, identify appropriate and cost-effective solutions, and manufacture robust dependable machines to meet the rigors of daily production.

Our goal is to build the highest quality machine with the best available components and content, that will still fit within the constraints of the customers’ budget. Custom Automation always starts with the Customer because they know their parts and processes the best. Our customers rely on our 60+ years of experience designing and building cutting edge Custom Automation as the foundation for a successful outcome.


Robotic Mig Welding

This Robotic Mig Welding system was developed for a major Tier I automotive supplier to weld a component for one of the Detroit Three manufacturers. Our customer supplied the Genesis 4 Robot Trunnion Mig Weld cell to GWI un-tooled. GWI Engineering designed and built the custom tooling and fully integrated the cell for complete controls and robot functionality.

Robotic Resistance Welding

This Robotic Resistance Welding system was developed for a major Tier I automotive stamper to weld a family of components for Nissan. The complexity of the parts required that they be processed from both top and bottom. This creative approach minimized the number of robots, reducing the capital expense while shrinking the overall machine footprint.